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Tranzlogic has helped thousands of businesses across the country of all types and sizes. Become a Tranzlogic Partner and help us to help thousands more.

“I have been in payments for 15 years and I have never been more successful. With Tranzlogic I’ve been able to close more deals, make more money, and keep my merchants.”

Ryan Bridges, Payment Insights, Austin TX.

Whether you’re a consultant, in payments, or just have a cool technology Tranzlogic has a partner program that’s right for you.

Referral Partner

Leverage your relationships and get paid for referring merchants to Tranzlogic.

Resale Partner

Become an agent and get the resources you need to be more successful.

Retail Partner

Increase the returns of your portfolio and your sales channel with no heavy lifting.

Wholesale Partner

Differentiate your company, deploy your own go to market strategy, and get the control you want.


Deliver real incremental value to your customers and compete with solutions rather than price.


Expand your prospect opportunities and target more, high quality clients.


Achieve a higher closing ratio, increase your margins, and benefit from better retention rates.


Maximize your returns, enhance your portfolio value, and enjoy a more valuable company.

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