Customer 360

Understand, manage, and track your best customers

Customer 360 is an online portal that gives you access to the high-level customer insights, reports, and resources that you need to manage and grow your business all in one tool. Whether you are large or small, you can unlock the power of your data and turn insights into action.

“Using Customer 360, we learned where our best customers are located, and it was further away than we ever would have expected. That insight helped us to better target our advertising in the lead up to our peak season.”

Halloween Express, WA

Build your business with valuable customer insights

Customer 360 shows you the evolving picture of your customers over time so that you can make smarter decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Understand your best customers, identify your top geographies, take action, and measure results.


Simply login to see your “Top Customers” based on your sales. See your top cities and learn which customers spend the most, the most often. Get a glimpse into what those customers are like and how they vary. Access their summary profile to explore some of their distinguishing lifestyle and activity preferences and find out how much money they make, how old they are, and whether have kids.

Identify your best customers
Which ones spend the most, the most often?

Find out what they are like
Are they families? How old are they? How much money they make? Do they own a home?

See where they are coming from
What are the customers like in my top geographies?

Get to know what they prefer
What activities do they enjoy? What are their lifestyle preferences?


Click “Get More Customers” to get the contact information of your target customers and engage with our experts. Do it on your own or use our Tranzlogic Solutions designed to help you connect the dots between insights and action. Initiate intelligent marketing campaigns, enhance your loyalty and promotional offers, regionally orient your locations, and open new sites.

Refine your marketing and advertising
What type of advertising should I do? Who and where should I target? What should I offer?

Enhance your loyalty and promotional campaigns
What should I offer to which audience and when should I send the offer?

Orient your locations by region
How should I vary my staff, décor, prices, products, and inventory by region and location?

Open new locations
Should I open a new location? Where? How do my customers spend across my locations?


Use “My Reports” to measure your success, make adjustments, and evolve. Easily monitor and measure changes in your customers across your locations over time. Answer critical questions like: Is customer loyalty increasing? Did that marketing campaign work? Are my best customers leaving?

Track changes over time
How is my customer mix changing by location? Are my most loyal customers leaving?

Assess the impact of your decisions
Did changing my prices or items impact my average ticket or rate of customer frequency? Did adding a kid’s menu attract more families?

Evaluate Promotions
Did that family promotion on Wednesdays work?

Measure the performance of your campaigns
Did my Google Adwords campaign attract the intended customers from the target areas? How is Yelp impacting my customers? Is that loyalty campaign having any real affect?

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