A holistic approach to customer loyalty

There is no one size fits all when it comes to customer loyalty. Let us help you enhance and transcend traditional loyalty programs and get your customers to spend more, more often.

“We have almost 12,000 seats to fill for each event. Tranzlogic helps us to fill them by keeping our guests coming back.”

Dell Diamond, TX

How we help you.

We help you manage loyalty across a number of loyalty related activities. Whether your goal is to incentivize and optimize your current customer base, identify and attract more of your most loyalty customers, or just measure and benchmark your customer loyalty we can do it.

Best of all, this service is free with an active Tranzlogic subscription.  See below to learn more about our process and the options available to you.

Needs Assessment: We start with a consultation wherein we learn about your business, your objectives, your budget, and your past and current loyalty efforts.

Target Audience: We analyze, assess, and rank the loyalty of your customers across multiple metrics. This reveals your most and least loyal customer segments and establishes the baseline for managing and measuring future performance

Campaign Management: We help you enhance your existing loyalty campaigns and guide you in the initiation of new campaigns by helping you crafting and time your offers, by customer segment.

Measuring Performance: We perform ongoing analysis and provide key metric reporting to measure the changes in segment performance and benchmark those changes over time across all of your locations.

Loyalty Management

Increase efficiency by managing your loyalty initiatives by customer segment and location.

Loyalty Campaigns

Engage in and enhance loyalty campaigns by appending customer characteristics and attributes.

Loyalty Promotion

Craft highly targeted promotions and communicate them to the right audience at the right time.

Loyalty Measurement

Measure campaign performance, benchmark key metrics and scoring, and monitor changes and trends over time

Industry Segmentation 

This product includes our intuitive Industry Segmentation wherein we take thousands of characteristics, attributes, and preferences and filter it down to only what is insightful to you based on your industry. Here a few examples. Let us know if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see below.

Industry Preferences
Which customers prefer beer versus wine? Which ones like takeout? Which ones enjoy snacks and appetizers?

What other places do they shop or eat at? How much do they spend in that category?

Leisure & Interests
Who likes sports and outdoor activities? Which ones like hiking or golfing? Who likes going to the movies? Which customers enjoy civic involvement? Which ones own pets?

Demographics & Economics
Who has a blue-collar occupation. Who has a tendency to save? Are they college educated?

Who are the early adopters? Which ones view marketing as more deceptive than informative? Which ones try to eat healthy?

Identify green shoppers. Is their shopping influenced by their kids? Do they travel, go to nightclubs, or eat fast food?

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