Location! Location! Location! 

Whether you are opening your first or your hundredth location, we take the guesswork out of site selection by combining the analysis, service, and reports designed to help you get the most out of your budget.

“We own 25 Another Broken Egg franchise locations and we are opening six more. We use Tranzlogic to help us evaluate new areas and to select new sites.”

Double R Restaurant Group, LA

How we help you.

Our experts can help you develop data driven expansion plans and intelligently select new sites. We have a host of analysis and reporting capabilities that are made efficient through the combination of data and tools and the use of proprietary formulas. Whether your objective is to select your next site, identify or assess a new territory, or optimize an area, we can help you make the right decision.

Best of all, this service is free with an active Tranzlogic subscription.  See below to learn more about our process and the options available to you.

Needs Assessment: We start with a consultation wherein we learn about your business, your objectives, your budget, and your past and current expansion efforts.

Establish Target Metrics: We analyze your customer and market data to determine the ideal target audience and establish key target metrics. This process is often goal dependent and based on many variables including customer segmentation and market compilation benchmarks.

Make Assessment: We perform the appropriate analysis and make an assessment relative to the established objectives. This includes measuring and scoring the fit of a geography or site relative to the predetermined metrics and ranking them if there is more than one.

Report and Recommendation: We will perform the analysis, provide you with a report, and make a recommendation across one, or any combination of the initiatives listed below. Ask us about how we can help you to promote your grand opening, drive ongoing awareness, and measure your new location market penetration.

Site Selection

What commercial site should I choose? We evaluate customer demand and use gravitational analysis to evaluate prospective sites and rank them based on how they are expected to perform.


Market Identification

Need help figuring out where to expand to next? We will help you to identify and rank new territories based on the fit of the market relative to your current market.

Market Assessment

Have an area in mind? We will assess an area to determine if it is a good fit given its fit of the market relative to your current market.

Market Optimization

Concerned about market demand and cannibalization? We will determine the optimal number of locations for a given area based on supply and demand considering both your locations and your competitors.

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