The data and technology that you need to understand
your customers and grow your business.
Tranzlogic’s proprietary process transforms credit card transaction data into demographic, geographic, psychographic and economic attributes that help you to identify and understand your customers. Engage on your own, or let us assist you with our turnkey expansion, marketing, and benchmarking solutions.
  • Tranzlogic: Web Portal
    A Turnkey Solution

    Simply login to your customized user portal and get instant access to your customer information and the tools you
    need to turn that information into more of the right customers.

    • Click Top Customers
      to get a description of your top
      performing customers, based on
      your actual sales. Take the
      guesswork out of knowing who
      your best customers are.
    • Click Get More Customers
      and connect with a marketing consultant, already armed with the facts about your customers. You may also choose to initiate a highly targeted marketing campaign at dramatically reduced prices. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to purchase.
    • Click My Reports
      to view trending reports and track the success of your campaign as it happens. Gain the confidence of knowing that your marketing dollars are being well spent.

  • Business Intelligence
    As your business grows and changes, so will the questions you ask. Find the answers
    with the Tranzlogic Pro Analytics Suite.

    • Dashboard
      Fully customizable key metrics dashboard

    • Map View
      See your customers on a heat map

    • Designer
      Enables simple drag-and-drop custom analysis

    • Data View
      Access, sort, and filter through the raw data

    • Customer Profiles
      Learn key characteristics about your customer

  • Product Comparison
    Gain a Competitive Advantage
    Tranzlogic vs. Professional vs. Enterprise
    Standard Professional Enterprise
    Customer Profiles
    Basic & Trending Reports
    Consultation & Campaign Management
    Training Materials & Support
    Dynamic Heat Map
    Drag-and-drop Analytics
    Customizable Dashboards
    Data Management & Export
    Create & Share Custom Visualizations
    Multi-Location Grouping
    Customizable Portal Hierarchy
    Multi-Location Reporting
    Multi Location Analytics Suite Features
    Customize location-level user access and rights

  • How It Works
    Tranzlogic transforms your credit card transaction data into actionable customer intelligence.
    Unlike expensive surveys and hard to implement loyalty programs, there is no interaction with,
    or authorization needed from your customers. You simply process credit card transactions as
    you normally do, and everything else happens automatically.
    • You process your credit card transactions through one of the hundreds of Tranzlogic integrated payment processors and the data is automatically collected.
    • When you accept credit cards as a form of payment, you can gain access to the valuable information that you want, and need to know about your customers.
    • Inquire to find out how to activate Tranzlogic with one of our many compatible processors.

    Get Started

    Secure. Hassle-free.
    Tranzlogic is secure
    All of the data is secure and our proprietary process adheres to all legal and regulatory mandates, including PCI DSS and Consumer Information Protection.

    No POS changes
    There are no changes to your Point of Sale (POS) system, bank account, or the rates and fees you pay. Once connected with Tranzlogic, you simply log into the customized portal and get started.

    Need More Information

  • Insights
    Picture the Difference Tranzlogic Can Make

    Validate the things about your customers that most business either guess about,
    or spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out, and often never do.
    Insights into Action
    Tranzlogic transforms all of this information into easy-to-use
    solutions that help you to connect the dots between insights and actions.

The Tranzlogic story

“Can you tell me more about
         my customers?”
That simple question from a multi-location restaurant identified
an unmet need that led to the formation of Tranzlogic.
A restaurant posed that simple question to us… which helped us to identify an unmet need that led us to the creation of Tranzlogic.

We founded Tranzlogic with the intent to “level the playing field” by giving all businesses access to the type of data and tools that large companies use to gain a competitive advantage.

Our approach is simple: We take the power of big-business analytics and present it in an accessible, cost-effective way so that business of all types and sizes can engage and compete. By turning proprietary data into relevant information, we empower businesses to develop the precision strategies that will revolutionize their approach to growing their business.

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