Turn your transactions into insights

Tranzlogic transforms your in-store, ecommerce, and mobile transactions into actionable customer insights that you can use to make smarter decisions and get better results.

“We just celebrated our 50th anniversary. Since we began using Tranzlogic a couple of years ago, we have doubled our retail space, increased our Internet traffic and enjoyed a 15% increase in sales, year over year. Now we are using it to evaluate where to open two new locations.”

Newbury Park Bike Shop, CA


The data and tools you need to manage and grow your business.

We append your credit card transactions with valuable customer and market insights including geographic, demographic, economic, and psychographic attributes. Our tools and solutions unlock the power of this data so that you can understand your customers, manage your locations, and identify new market opportunities.


Let us help you connect the dots between insights and action.

Designed by industry experts and data scientists, these service-based solutions combine the data and tools with the analysis and support that you need to engage in specific activities more intelligently. Whether you are large or small, Tranzlogic Solutions take the guesswork out of growing and managing your business.

Best of all, there is no additional charge for this service. Our expert advice and business management support is included with your active Tranzlogic Analytics subscription.


How It Works

The process is simple and does not involve your customers.

You activate Tranzlogic and accept credit cards from your customers as you normally do. Including your in-store, ecommerce, and mobile transactions.

Tranzlogic automatically matches and appends your customer’s information behind the scenes. Tranzlogic is compatible with all major platforms and POS systems.

You access Tranzlogic Analytics and watch the data about your customers flow in each day. It requires no authorization or interaction from your customers.

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