Analytics Suite

Enterprise level tools and data access

The Analytics Suite unlocks the power of your customer data. Dynamic dashboards, heat maps and drag-and-drop analytics make on the fly analysis so easy your grandma can do it. Just want access to your data? No problem. Access it. Manipulate it. Blend it. Export it. You decide!

“We host a variety of different events at the track throughout the year. We use the Analytics Suite to understand how visitors vary from event to event and to plan our concessions appropriately. This helps us keep our attendees happy.”

Circuit of the Americas, TX

Your customer data, more accessible and useful for everyone

No more waiting for answers. Enhance your Customer 360 portal with the Analytics Suite and give everyone in your organization access to the transaction level data and easy-to-use business intelligence tools they need to manage across the enterprise.

Map View

Interact with a customizable heat map that allows you to define your unique market and see where your customers live, by location.

Use simple drag-and-drop analytics capabilities to take a deep dive into all dimensions of your customers and to create, save, and share unique graphs, dashboards and visualizations.

A fully customizable dashboard allows everyone in your organization to track and monitor the key performance metrics that they care most about.

Data View
Whether you use our tools or yours, gain access to your transaction data and the corresponding individual attributes of each customer.

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